The GammaPix™ Pro Package offers a low-cost, networked radioactivity detection center. Included in the GammaPix Pro Package are the GammaPix Pro App, GammaPix Training Simulator App, GammaPix Command Center Web Application, Calibrations, Training Webinars and more.

GammaPix Pro App

For Android™

The low-cost, low-visibility alternative to personal radioactivity detectors

The GammaPix Pro App works on commercial and off-the-shelf cameras such as the ones in smartphones, tablets, computers. Wherever the user is, the GammaPix Pro App automatically measures radioactivity levels to check the safety of the local environment.

GammaPix Pro App Device Requirements

  • Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” or higher
  • Internet connection
  • Camera (GammaPix works with most cameras but not all are suitable for analysis)
  • Google Play Services
  • Location Services (Accurate map locations depends on GPS)

The GammaPix Pro App comes included in the GammaPix Pro Package.

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GammaPix Training Simulator App

For Android™

Simulate realistically-sized sources in everyday environments

Radiological emergency response training exercises are often conducted at special sites with live sources. Image Insight has developed a patent-pending training simulator that enables users to conduct radioactivity response training. With the same user interface as GammaPix Pro, users can simulate realistically-sized sources in their everyday environment.

GammaPix Training Simulator App Device Requirements

  • Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” or higher
  • Persistent Internet connection
  • Google Play Services
  • Location Services (Accurate locations and readings depend on GPS)

The GammaPix Training Simulator comes included in the GammaPix Pro Package.

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GammaPix Command Center Web Application

Visualize, analyze, command and control your sources remotely

The Command Center Web Application ties together into a monitoring network the various detection devices from a defined group (e.g. Hospital, First Responder, or Security Company). Radioactivity and location data are collected from mobile and/or fixed cameras to Image Insight’s secure servers. Then, those sources can be mapped, viewed, and analyzed by data owners and subscribers. In addition, leaders and headquarter staff are able to issue commands to the deployed devices. This way, ionizing radiation detection parameters can be altered without distracting personnel handling an emergency. Such an adjustment could, for example, change the frequency of measurements from twice per hour to twelve times an hour in order to keep personnel safe during a radiological crisis.

Run your training simulations with ease and the same detailed controls

The Command Center also works with the GammaPix Training Simulator. When in “Training Simulation” mode, the Command Center will display readings from the GammaPix Training Simulator app. It will also allow the incident commander to place “Simulated” radiation sources at any location. Devices running the Training Simulator app will then be able to detect those simulated radiation sources.


GammaPix detects some, but not all, radiation reaching the camera’s image sensor. The amount it detects differs depending on the model. Therefore, a calibration needs to be applied to convert the counts to actual measurements. For some cameras, Image Insight has lab measurements, but for a majority of devices we do not. If you purchase a significant number of the same devices, we can calibrate a portion of them so that the best possible readings can be achieved.

Training Webinars

Image Insight offers various training classes to familiarize users with the GammaPix software family. We provide health and radiation safety training as well as security related training.

Also Included

Command Center server software and setup, one-year license, updates, support for all three products, renewal discount for subsequent years, community-sourced sensitivity calibrations (contact us for other calibration services)

The GammaPix Pro Package includes all of the above products.

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